Corporate Tour Packages 


My Travel Tunes provides a wide Travel and Corporate Tour Packages, every business needs some refreshments and holidays for their employees. India is full of diverse and amazing destinations which opens doors for most beautiful and unforgettable Corporate tours. 

We tend to serve the MICE needs of any business through our detailed and satisfying corporate tour packages. At travel tunes we tune every business to the most relaxing frequency that they jam on! 


My Travel Tunes has a huge ti-up base with various hotels and travel destinations. from transport to stay. We provide economical trips and customized tour packages according to the number of employees of the corporation. Every Corporate tour is built for the employees and the requirements of the corporate are kept as the top priority of any travel agent.


We cover a vast range of Corporate Tours Packages according to the requirements and budget of the company. We cover both domestic and international tour packages as per the demand of the company. Some of the top places in india for corporate tours are 


Top Packages For Corporate Tours :-


  1. Himachal Pradesh – Himachal is known as The Queen of Mountains, a perfect destination for holidays and corporate trips.
  2. Rajasthan – A perfect place for cultural and historical buildings, an essence of cultural richness and destinations which gives an unforgettable travel experience.
  3. Kerala – Kerala is the place known for natural paradise, the best place to feel nature’s delights and with the diverse numbers of temples and historical destinations, Kerala tourism offers a great deal for corporate trips and tours. 
  4. Goa – Goa is known as the best place to chill after a long time of working. Corporate trips to Goa have been very much in trend for a long time. A perfect place to reward the employees with a good tour plan.
  5. Gujarat – Gujarat Tourism is a well known name in the Indian tourism industry. With the eye warming destinations and essence of gujju culture the place is a strong attraction for corporate company trips and tours. We Provide a huge and economical Tour Package for gujarat for corporates, MICE trips and planning is served well in Gujarat. 


Along With Domestic Corporate Tour Packages ‘My Travel Tunes’ also serves and provides some international tour packages for corporates and companies. In Most cases we give a detailed quotation for international trips considering the numbers of travelers. Some of the International territories we serve are 


Top Packages for International Corporate Tours :-


  1. Dubai – The Country is the hub for tourists and corporate affairs, In Dubai most of the companies plan their tours and employees holidays. My Travel Tunes have Tied up with a wide range of hotels and resorts in Dubai for corporate tours. 
  2. Thailand – The land of some of the oldest temples, Thailand is a perfect relaxing spot for most of the people. Many corporations find Thailand a good tour option, due to economical trips and pleasing environment. 
  3. Singapore – A Travel Destination which is known as the Entertainment hub of the world makes Singapore a good option for corporate trips. 


For Best Corporate Tour packages contact now and get the customized quotation for your tour packages.